Socio-economic project

Blockchain technology based offer, that allows everyone to take part in natural deposit development.


Ermak Coin —
is profitable
Raw materials cost increase
Raw materials cost increase In the market, deficit inevitably affects the prices, which means, that dwindling of natural resources will inevitably lead to their cost increase.
The growth of tockens attractiveness
Tokens attractiveness will be increasing, as more new Ermak Coin based projects are joining.
Ermak Coin —
it's safe
is a unique territory in term of variety, quantity and quality of natural resources. Here, 1823 deposits of 58 types of raw materials are officially registered. However, more than 16 thousand of potential deposits are still underexplored.
The blockchain technology makes all stages of the project as secure and transparent as possible for all members.

Natural resources


on the basis of which a solution was developed
Mining quantity is limited

Mining quantity is limited – not more then 15 million NEO tokens can be obtained within a year. It helps to control possible inflation.

Low energy costs

NEO cryptocurrency system is based on PoS algorithm, which helps to reduce energy costs for the operation of the platform and mining.

Low system fees

NEO system fees are significantly lower, than in similar blockchain systems.

Work fast

NEO uses a Smart contract technology, which processes information significantly better and faster, than other existing blockchain platforms.

Partners and investors of the NEO platform

Among partners and investors of the NEO platform are such companies as Microsoft and Alibaba. In other words, progressive companies with a worldwide reputation, support and promote NEO brand.

A global investment fund NEST FOUND

Based on the NEO platform, a global investment fund NEST FOUND is created, which increases investment advantages of the cryptocurrency.

The NEO platform is perspective

The NEO platform supports most of the common programming languages, which provides wider opportunities for its commercial use and assists in its advancing in the market.

Cooperates with the authorities

The NEO creators maintain business ties with PRC government, which enables the platform to gain a large market share, while utilizing digital assets of China, which is one of the biggest world markets.

Operation system based on NEO

Based on NEO, a decentralized data processing operating system Elastos is created, which promises to be world-wide famous in information processing and storage field.

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The way ERMK deals with raw materials extraction business

A detailed analysis of the business project is conducted; an already existing and functioning business is preferred.
Risks administrative
Economic, technological, political and administrative risks of the project are evaluated.
Calculating the potential profits
When calculating the potential profits, a special consideration is given to the project’s quick start.
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Distribution of tokens

Holders of tokens
Compensation of consultants
Share of the project team
Project Development Fund